Advanced TESOL Virtual

Mixed learning with 12 daily synchronous sessions

What You Will Learn

Advanced TESOL Virtual

Advanced TESOL Virtual is a program designed to prepare its students for the pursuit of global opportunities in English language teaching—be it at an academic institution or as a private tutor. The program’s curriculum is composed of regularly updated modules that are designed to provide a contextualized and modern approach to English language teaching, containing modules that train both the students’ academic and practical skill sets. Upon completion of the program, the students will be provided with an internationally-recognized TESOL certificate which will assist in boosting their career prospects both in the local and global stage. They are also eligible for inclusion in a database that employers in the field of English language teaching can easily access and use to verify the students’ credentials.

Introduction To Language And TESOL

Understand the world of English language teaching to speakers of other languages and plan options for personal and professional development so you can have a fulfilling and lucrative career in the industry

English Language And Teaching: Methods And Approaches

Learn about the theories and principles of experts in the field of English language teaching to better hone your practice

Teaching Listening

Adopt mindful practices in teaching listening—a skill that English language learners must develop to enhance their comprehension and utilization of English in everyday interactions

Teaching Speaking

Minimize instances of miscommunication and build your learners’ confidence in speaking English by knowing which strategies and techniques to employ to help develop specific speaking skills

Teaching Reading

Pick up strategies that will make reading engaging and productive for your learners; a skill needed to enhance their purposive use of the English language

Teaching Writing

Learn about the best possible approaches when teaching writing; a skill most learners find challenging yet would contribute significantly to your learners’ lifelong productive use of English

Teaching Vocabulary

Help minimize instances of your learners being misunderstood or left out in English-dominated spaces by providing them with an extensive English vocabulary

Teaching Grammar

Learn how to better adapt your teaching strategies to accommodate diverse English learners by understanding the fundamentals of English grammar teaching.

Teaching Pronunciation

Curate a collection of effective principles and strategies when it comes to teaching English pronunciation through the employment of careful planning and deliberate practice as a teacher.

Classroom Management

Make learning productive and effective in your English language class by adopting classroom management principles that help you create the most conducive learning environment for learners of all backgrounds and skill levels

The Art Of Questioning

Engage your learners and enhance their English language learning while simultaneously developing their critical thinking by knowing what questions to ask and how to deliver them effectively

Introduction To Online English Teaching

Successfully navigate the new territory of online English teaching by knowing more about the challenges it poses and how those who have succeeded adapted and innovated as they entered the industry

Access Options

Advanced TESOL Virtual

+ 1 month access
P 25,000.00

This access grants students to take all the modules at the same time. This is recommended for students who want to seek teacher-facilitated discussions and feedback.

*Pricing reflected above does not include certificate fee