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Advanced TESOL NOW

TESOL which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is an internationally recognized certificate program. It prepares participants for a career in English teaching at a university setting, in a private language center or through tutorial services be it in the Philippines or any other country worldwide. Participants who graduate from the TESOL Program of American TESOL Institute-Philippines (ATI-Phils.) are eligible for inclusion in a database which can be easily accessed by employers who want to verify the eligibility of individuals they will hire as English teachers.

Introduction To Language And TESOL

Understand the world of English language teaching to speakers of other languages and plan options for personal and professional development so you can have a fulfilling and lucrative career in the industry

English Language And Teaching: Methods And Approaches

Know the theories and principles of experts in English language teaching so your pratice is more effective

Teaching Listening

Adapt mindful practices to teach listening, a skill your learners must develop if they are to enhance their comprehension and ability to actively use English to participate in everyday interactions

Teaching Speaking

Help your learners build confidence using English when speaking and minimize the times they are misunderstood by knowing what strategies and techniques to use to develop specific speaking skills

Teaching Reading

Make reading engaging and productive for your learners by knowing strategies to teach the challenging skill your learners need to enhance if they are to use English purposively

Teaching Writing

Adapt the right strategy to teach writing, a skill most learners find challenging and contribute significantly to your learner's lifelong productive use of English

Teaching Vocabulary

With the right approach to teaching vocabulary, you help your learners minimize instances when they feel at a loss for words, misunderstood or unable to actively participate in interactions because they cannot adequately use English

Teaching Grammar

Build greater adaptability when faced with diverse English learners by understanding the principles of grammar teaching

Teaching Pronunciation

It takes careful planning and deliberate practice to teach English pronunciation to your learners and do it most effectively through application of the most appropriate principles and strategies

Classroom Management

Make learning productive and effective in your English language class by adapting classroom management principles that help you create the most conducive learning environment for your diverse learners

The Art Of Questioning

Engage your learners and enhance their English language learning while simultaneously developing their critical thinking by knowing what questions to ask and how

Introduction To Online English Teaching

Successfully navigate the new territory of online English teaching by knowing more about the challenges it poses and how those who have succeeded coped and innovated

Access Options

All Module

+ 1 month access
P 7,500.00

This access grants students to take all the modules at the same time. This is recommended for students who want to save on fees and can commit to finishing the program.

*Pricing reflected above does not include certificate fee

Phase Module

+ 1 month access
P 2,800.00

Students are granted access to the first four modules. With this access type, students can easily explore the program and see more of what it has to offer, taking the lessons at their own pace.

  • Includes:
    • Introduction to TESOL and Language
    • English Language And Teaching: Methods And Approaches
    • Teaching Listening
    • Teaching Speaking

*Pricing reflected above does not include certificate fee

Individual Module

+ 1 month access
P 925.00

Students are granted access to take the first module. With this access type, students can try out the TESOL program and navigate our unique online learning environment, without having to commit to the whole course.

  • Includes:
    • Introduction to TESOL and Language

*Pricing reflected above does not include certificate fee